1900 : Building

This house was originally built in 1899-1900 by shoe business owner William A. Marsh. The great architectural details of this house distinguish it from other houses in the neighborhood. The architect that built it, Charles John Gibson, used all of the popular features of that time; ornaments and sculpted moldings with great details. Even the semi-circular shape of two of the rooms on the second and third floor were unusual and rare at that time. Most of all, this building was renowned for its luxurious inside design, who clearly displayed the owner’s fortune. Both the furniture and the decorations were extravagant and plentiful. Several of these architectural elements are still visible inside and outside the building today, which is rare nowadays on Grande Allee street.

1976: La Vieille Maison du Spaghetti

In 1976, this house was sold and transformed into a restaurant called La Vieille Maison du Spaghetti. The house was renovated and modified to allow more space for the customers, but most of the architectural aspects of it were intentionally preserved. Inside, we can still see the wooden details on the walls and firepits on each level.

2020: QBEDS Hostel

In 2020, La Vieille Maison du Spaghetti closed its doors and QBEDS Hostel was born!
Once again, the building was renovated and transformed, still while intentionally preserving its rich architectural and historic character. The new design is unique and combines historic and modern look!



All of our rooms were thoughtfully designed to make your stay as enjoyable as possible!
Each bed is equipped with its own privacy curtain, power outlet, shelf and its own locker. All rooms have A/C, heating and comfortable mattresses. QBEDS Hostel has everything to make you feel at home!

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